Benefits Of A HEPA Hoover Vacuum

An asthma condition, a job that required the cleaning of rugs and the resulting dust, is the combination of factors that led to the invention of the Hoover vacuum.

In 1907, Murray Spangler, an inventor by day and janitor by night, was at his job in a department store in Canton, Ohio. One of his duties involved the cleaning of rugs. As fate would have it, the raised dust from the performance of this job responsibility exacerbated his asthma. The inventor then went to work to address the medical anguish caused by the raised dust.

The result was a primitive vacuum cleaner made from a tin box, fan, pillow case and the handle from a broom. Realizing the potential of this new creation, Murray Spangler sought a financial sponsor.

His search led him to a friend of the family who happened to be the wife of a local businessman by the name of W. H. Hoover. Mrs. Susan Hoover put the invention to the test and was sold on its effectiveness. A year later the patent to this new invention was sold to Mr. Hoover and the rest, as they say, is history. The Hoover vacuum was born.

Since the vacuum cleaner’s inception the benefits of suctioning up the dirt has been experienced not only in keeping the home clean, but aiding in the health of the residents.

A new feature for vacuum cleaners has been the recent inception of the HEPA filter. The benefits of the Hoover vacuum equipped with the HEPA filter are many. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for in the HEPA filter.

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Vacuuming Process

A Hoover vacuum is a practical appliance that helps keep the home clean from dirt, dust, and other accumulated items caused by day-to-day activities within the home. In addition, the various accessories included with the Hoover vacuum allow for the cleaning of drapes and other items in the home that accumulate dust. Through an effective suctioning process the embedded dust particles are powerfully drawn out and deposited into either a canister or vacuum cleaning bag.

However, there is a drawback to the standard vacuum. That drawback is realized through the back draft exhibited by a common vacuum cleaner. In essence the particles of dirt that are suctioned off of the carpet or other item around the home are returned to the area through this back draft process.


HEPA is a cutting-edge filter that literally stands for “high efficiency particulate arrestant.The HEPA filter is particularly effective in that it captures very minute particles that are suctioned off of carpets and other vacuumed items. Typically, a regular filter would not have the capability of performing this type of process and would simply circulate the dust back into the room.

Benefits Of A HEPA Filter

Because the HEPA filter of a Hoover vacuum is able to capture the smallest of particulates this accomplishment could help to bring relief to those who suffer from allergies or other health issues. Additionally, the use of a HEPA filter will add to the comfort and cleanliness of the home.


In order for a HEPA filter to be considered as a “high efficiency particulate arrestant,standardized testing must be accomplished on that filter. To be truly classified as an HEPA filter, that filter must capture of 99.97% of particles that are a minimum of .3 microns in size.

When shopping for an HEPA filter, the consumer should take particular note of the test results that should be part of the labeling of a true HEPA filter. Obviously, a HEPA filter is more expensive than a traditional filter. The consumer would have to weigh the benefits with the cost in purchasing and using of these filters.

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