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Health and fitness has become a very sensitive matter to the modern society as many people and celebrities struggle to keep their bodies healthy and well toned up. Many of the gyms and exercise classes has hence taken advantage of the opportunity by charging excessively high costs for each gym session. Since not many people can afford these high charges for every session, buying gym equipments instead becomes a worthy investment.

When it comes to work- outs and body building, many are times when people toss themselves in the gym and do unplanned exercises. Most of these sessions normally end up with many frustrations of unevenly toned up bodies and financial crisis as people abandon the previously bought gym equipments and invest in buying new quality and appropriate ones. Due to increased population, the cost of living, spam businesses and fake products has all risen signifiucantly.

This is why you should think critically and engage yourself in proper decision making before purchasing any gym equipement especially those with unreasonably low price tags and uncertified sellers. Since we understand that the process of decision making might be a hectic time for you, we have decided to assist you. Discussed below are factors to consider before purchasing and indoor exercise spin bike and reviews of our recommended top three best spin bikes.

best spin bike

A spin bike is an indoor exercise machine with a spinning flywheel. It is the criterion for a complete cardiovascular workout. A spin bike is a long term asset that requires good decision making before determining which one to invest in. Here are several basic factors that we have considered when determining our recommendations and which will also help you in decision making:

1. The structure and design of the spin bike.

The design plays a significant role in the performance of a spin bike. A good spin bike should have quality and durable frame and flywheel and adjustable seats and head-frame.

Advanced spinning bikes have a computer display that indicated the amount of calories burnt, time, speed and distance covered. In case you are having weight issues, choose one that supports overweight trainers and has features that optimize fat burning.

2. How comfortable is the spin bike?

Healthy work-outs requires concentration and focus which in turn requires comfort. A good spin bike should have a seat and head frame that are adjustable to the users comfort. Tiny seats and pedals that cant accommodate the users surface area might hurt for long work-outs.

Some spin bike reviews are uncomfortably noisy and some might shudder when changing to different resistance. Skidding pedals may also interrupt the process.

3. How efficient is the bike’s performance?

A good spin bike should be easy to operate, adjust and its features should be able to optimize burning away calories. Be ware of those manufacturers who exaggerate the cardio machine’s performance ability.

4. Your budget plan range.

Determine how much you are willing to invest in purchasing a spin bike versus the performance that you expect. The price of a spin bike should match its capabilities in cardio workout. The good thing is, nowadays there are a number of good quality spin bikes going at affordable prices that you can choose from.

Having all these factors in mind, we have considered a number of best spin bikes, filtered and come up with a list of top three best spin bikes that we recommend you to consider when purchasing a spin bike.

Top 3 Best Spin Bike

1. The Confidence Fitness Space Saving X Bike:

Confidence Fitness Space Saving X BikeFor anyone who is serious about long term cardiovascular workout and needs a high quality spin bike; this is definitely the best choice. Its technology goes beyond your expectations. Its standard features are optimum for all kind of users; from the experienced athletes to novice users. One feature that makes it outstanding from the mediocre is its folding frame.

This makes storage easier and saves on space especially for those people who are looking for a spin bike that will help in storage space optimization. It measures 17.5 (width) by 53 (height) by 22 (depth) when folded with a weight of about 50 pounds. This is a great feature because it gives you an option of not disassembling the machine during storage. This design makes it fit perfectly as both commercial and home use spin bike.

The weight of the spin bike ensures that the bike remains constant and stable even during intense workouts. Flywheel weight adds more efficiency by ensuring smooth and stable pedal motions. Adjustable magnetic resistance system. This allows smooth tension adjustment without the annoying jerking that interrupts workout. The machine is also comfortably silent during working out. The four function computer display.

This indicates the amount of calories burnt, time, speed and distance covered. An adjustable seat. Its padded to ensure maximum comfort even when training for long sessions. The padding allows the seat to take the shape of the user at the same time absorbing excess shock. Thanks to the adjustable part, people who are taller than average don’t have to struggle. They can raise the seat to the desired comfort level. Strapped pedals.

They prevent skidding during high momentum workout allowing a flowing workout. They also allow the trainer to shift between sitting and standing while pedaling without risking skidding and injuring themselves. The straps are designed to fit various shoe types and sizes. It goes with an affordable price of around $145 and can be purchased on amazon with a discounted price and free shipping. With the various tension levels, you can burn unbelievably high amount of calories per session despite your gender, age or health situation.

The package comes with an easy to understand manual that guides you on how to assemble the bike. Amazingly, the bike is extremely easy to assemble and use. In conclusion, despite one or two drawbacks, for everyone concerned about their health and fitness but has a tight budget, this is surely the best choice for them.

2. The Body Champ BF620 Indoor Cycle Trainer:

Body Champ BF620 Indoor Cycle TrainerThis should fit those trainers who value maximum comfort and a machine with durable frame and a quality flywheel. Besides being pocket friendly with a price of around $228, The spin bike has a steel – shell flywheel and a smooth nylon belt that offers a motion that mimics real word motion. It has a flywheel weight of 20 lbs. The solid frame is able to sustain vigorous pedaling even while the trainer is standing and still maintain a smooth and steady motion. A knob that adjusts tension smoothly.

This allows one to change to different resistance levels without interrupting the workout process. The knob can be easily turned to the desired level of resistance without shuddering. Gel-comfort contoured seats. They can adjust both vertically and horizontally to fit the trainers comfort depending on their size and shape. The gel cover offers maximum comfort which is normally absent in many other types of spin bikes.

Professional athletes who possibly train for long hours has their comfort well catered for by these seat. An adjusting handle bar that allows maximum upper body workout by shifting to different angles. The handle bar also provides quite a firm grip even when the hands get sweaty since they’re thick enough. It also allows you to attain the comfort angle unlike many other spin bikes with a fixed one. An electronic computer that displays time, speed, distance covered and calories burnt during the workout.

You can therefore gauge the efficiency of your workout session and determine which adjustments suits you best.In conclusion, though the machine may not be a hundred percent efficient, all the basic fundamentals that are required for a healthy and comfy spin session are catered for by this machine. There is no excuse to miss a gym session in the name of comfort. The bike also comes with a detailed and easily understandable manual to guide you in the parts assembly process. It takes just a few minutes to fully assemble the bike hence leaving plenty of time for your training session. It also allows you to enjoy working out at the comfort of your home.

3. Indoor Cycle Trainer With Fluidity Flywheel:

Indoor Cycle Trainer with Fluidity FlywheelGoing at an unimaginable price of around $199 this machine falls on the best spin bikes category. It has all the standard features like the previously discussed spin bike. Its outstanding steel- shell flywheel guarantees durability while the smooth nylon belt is best for riding momentum, fluidity and style. It has a flywheel weight of 15 lbs.

Though it may be lighter compared to the previous models discussed, this bike is specially designed to equal its efficiency and stability with the rest. It has the following features: A knob to adjust resistance to different levels smoothly without interrupting the workout. A vertically and horizontally adjustable, gel comfort seat for maximum comfort.

The horizontally adjustable feature is rare as many spin bikes only has vertically adjustable seats. This offers a trainer maximum lower body workout and even muscle toning since you can workout with your legs pedaling at different angles. A handle bar that adjusts to different angles that suits the trainer which enhances maximum upper body workout. The handle bar also helps you manage and reduce blistering since they offer a firm grip during workouts and ability to spin at a comfortable angle. An electronic computer display that indicates time, speed, distance covered and the amount of calories burnt which assists you evaluate your workout.

This helps you save time during regular workouts since you are able to master which settings work best for you and the flow of varying resistance that you will require during each workout.In conclusion, considering its capabilities, the cost is very friendly and is worth it. This bike is easy to use even for first time users who’ve never had an indoor spinning session before. It also comes with a detailed manual on how to assemble the parts and operate.

These three spin bikes has proven to be the top best in average by offering all the important basic features required in a quality spin bike. From solid structure and design, maximum comfort, high and efficient performance to affordable prices. We recommend them for all types of users; both experienced and novices and even for both commercial and home use.

spin bike reviews


As mentioned earlier, a planned workout is worth a lot more than an unplanned one and will earn you better results. Here are some tips to help you during your spinning session:

1. Having the appropriate clothing during spinning is the first key to a healthy workout. Clothes that are too loose or wets easily will make you uncomfortable. Go for sweatpants or shorts and compact t-shirts.

2. Read the manual carefully and understand the basic fundamentals when operating your machine. Understanding your machine well will give you an easy time while operating and working out and will also prevent bike damage and injuries.

3. Adjust the bike to your comfort. Ensure the seat and head bar are in a comfortable position and the pedals are striped to avoid skidding while working out. Don’t set the seat height too low. Your leg should bend at around 30 degrees while pedaling to avoid much straining which may harm your muscles.

4. Ensure you have a drink to keep you hydrated and a dry towel at reach. Water is the best in an intense workout but go for what suits you best.

5. Take short breaks at intervals. Non-stop and intense workout might be unsafe and unhealthy. Over-exhausting yourself might end up doing you more harm than benefits.

6. Try to shift from sitting to standing at different intervals. Standing up especially at heavy resistance will help you workout all parts of your lower body creating even muscle toning.

7. Ensure that you also workout your upper body. Applying some strength towards your shoulders, arms, neck and the chest will ensure that your whole body is being engaged in the workout.

8. To add more fun in the workout, listen to some good music and pedal to the beat. This will create rhythm in your workout and help you to focus and concentrate in what you are doing.


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