Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Velocity Exercise

The Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is designed will most definitely enjoy a quality workout within your own space or comfort. The bike is yet another zenith of the efforts of the half a century old company known as Marcy.

What is more remarkable is that you can use this Bike at home thus voiding excessive gym fess or harsh weather outside, while also helping you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Admittedly cycling has been shown to enhance an overall body tone without stressing or straining the knees and joints.

Most importantly is that the bike feels very comfortable which makes your workout very enjoyable. From the colorful seat to the ergonomically designed metal alloy and pedals, this bike embodies the rudimentary the ideal attributes of a good workout machine.

In addition Upright bikes don’t require you to wear pesky helmets or elbow and knee protectors that conventional cyclist must have.

Velocity Exercise


  • Alterable basket cage peals-this help your stick maintain a firm grip thus helping you control your cycling speed. Your foot is less likely to slip in the event that you need to cycle vigorously and still require active grip.
  • Styled saddle-this saddle has been designed to give you the best sitting place possible and comes with seat adjustment that allows for horizontal as well as vertical adjustment.
  • Transport wheels- the bike is quite heavy for normal lifting but is fitted with small wheels that enhance its mobility. You can now easily transfer it to where you feel comfortable with the day’s workout. At the front of the bike on the Front Stabilizer lie the wheels. You have to appropriately tilt the bike forward and then gently push it so that it can move.
  • Convenient resistance knob-this is fused with magnetic technology to enable you adjust to the desired workout intensity level. Also essential when transitioning in between segments where the bike automatically adjusts the resistance. An individual’s bodyweight, strength and cycling speed can all affect the resistance level.
  • Water bottle holder- smartly placed in between your feet on the bike`s railing so you just get to pluck it off and you can easily stay hydrated.
  • Balanced 40 pound flywheel with adjustable handle bars-this means that both short and small people can also use the bike without complications.
  • Quick stop mechanism-this allow you to stop the motion of the flywheel very easily. It can also be considered as rudimentary safety precaution.

Product description and dimensions

  • Overall weight capacity-135. Kg
  • Approximate Dimensions-40-L,43-H,20.5-W
  • Eco friendly.
  • No Battery Required.
  • Has limited warranty.

How to use the bike

Ensure that you keep the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike away from children and pets. Furthermore only one user can use the bike at a time and you should avoid wearing baggy clothing or robes when using the bike.

Before doing your workout on the bike, try to carry out a short warm up session to help prevent your muscles from injury. Warm up encourages blood flow to the various parts of the body and ready’s them for physical activity.

To stop the exercise press not the Brake Nob and this will subsequently stop the flywheel. The best suggestion is for you to never remove your feet from the pedals until the flywheel has stopped. Keep any objects that can disrupt the motion of the flywheel when the bike is functioning lest its motor get damages.

When ordering for spare parts replacement, ensure that you know the bikes exact model number and the name of the part.

Assembling and parts

You can acquire the bicycle at most credible online shopping website and major credible supermarket stores. The bike requires some assembling for you to use it. Fortunately enough is that it doesn’t require brain surgeon skills to set it up, and novice user can assemble it within an hour. Furthermore the packaging entails knobs, essential One Crossing and Allen wrenches and other pertinent tools required to assemble it.


While this model is rudimentary and does not come with many fancy auxiliary features, it is fully equipped to ensure that you get the best quality workout. The bike is smooth and quiet during use and has no major drawbacks that should concern. This Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is definitely a worthwhile buy for anyone looking to improve their health.

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